So i have a ****ty Line 6 Spider III 15, and i wanna get a real tube amp. i only have about 400 dollars and i found the following amps for the price:

Crate Palomino V50
Peavey Classic 30
Peavey Classic 50

i tried them, and i like them, but couldnt really try them for an extended time.
i play mostly iron maiden, led zeppelin and pink floyd, so i want something with a bitchin clean sound that can take good distortion, dunno if that makes sense but im new to amps.
so whats the best? is there really a big difference?
um. I'd go with the classic 30 out of those amps. I personally think for cleans you might want a fender though.

also, this should be in the gear forum.
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well i basically was in the same situation as you, i had a spider III 75 w and wanted a new tube.

i went with a crate v50 (out of the recently discontinued v series). i dont know exactly what the palomino is but i like my v50 alot. really good cleans and pretty good distortion (good for ac/dc, zeppelin or zz top) but if you want great distortion like for metallica or something, get a pedal which im sure you probably have already.

i picked mine up for $250 new, which was a steal. i think all of the 50w off AMS are gone but im sure you could probably find a 33 watt or maybe a 50 watt somewhere.

you could go with a head and cab, i am sure they still have those around. i think a 2x12 cab was running around $100 and a 100w head around $250, but im not sure

i realize this probably doesnt help alot, seeings as how this is not exactly the same amp your looking at, but from my experience, crate kicks ass.
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oh yeah and my guitar is a ibanez grx20 so its a similar set up.

i decided to plug in my spider and see what that was like again.... it didnt last long and im back on the crate lol.

i didnt think the spider had awful tone until i heard tubes....
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you might be able to land a good deal on a Palomino v32 or v50 since they are discontinued. i really haven't played either but i heard they are decent for the price.

my vote goes for the classic 30. if you need the headroom the classic 50.
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crate kicks ass.

yes it does! =D
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