Poll: What do you put on first when you dress?
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77 89%
10 11%
Voters: 87.
underpants? I don't want to catch mah willy in mah zipper thankya very much.
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real men dont wear shirts
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always shirt
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shirts, cause pants are for homos
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whos wearing the pants here?
What are you dense?
Are you retarded or something?
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Pants are for squaarez
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Pants, so I can look at myself with my shirt off.

Haha, just kidding. I do put my pants on first though, just because it is easier. I personally find wearing a shirt over your underwear or your penis looks awkward even if it is for a few seconds. If a hot girl is wearing just a tee shirt over underwear or nothing it is awesome though.

I usually go underwear - socks - pants - shirt in that order.

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kacks, slacks, shirt

except weekends, then its ankle socks first, massive hooped earrings second
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real men dont wear shirts

NAW MAN! Real men don't wear anything!
top then bottom
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Shirt if I plan on tucking it in. Otherwise, pants.
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