im looking into a new amp and i found the Acoustic B200 200W 1x15 Bass Combo and i really like it, im going to GC in a few days to try it
i play a wanta be fender but in my opinion it sounds great and the bassist i hang with agree
i play mostly rock metal and some funk
so any suggestions?
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Acoustic bass amps are great for their prices, to there would be no problem buying one.

That is probably the best you can get for that price, so I would get it if I were you.

Sorry if I am wrong, I am a guitarist but I do know that Acoustic amps are good.
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thanks any input is great i was looking at behringer and i checked out how behringer sucks so i said f##k them lol
Im looking at bass amps, I tried a few of these and I love them. My bass sounded amazing through the one I tried it on, I believe it was the 100w model. You might try an Ampeg amp as well if you like the Acoustic.
I own the Acoustic B100, the B200 younger brother, if you will. Its an amazing amp, and every tone I get out of it is pleasing to the ears. It also has a huge range of tones. I can get everything from a deep thump for jazz, to a crisp, tight high end pop for punk. Its truly a great amp.
Peavy Basic 60 bass amp
Fender American Precison W/Quarter pounders
Acoustic B100
It has no high end, be warned. (Well, it has some, but it is lacking.. a lot)

I love mine though
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