My grandmother passed away recently and this song is really just for her, and how i felt after, its sad at parts, but it also has a hopeful atmosphere, and i felt alot better after her funeral, (alot of grief lifted) and i just wanted to see what you guys think, acoustic pieces aren't usually my thing.

These Atrocities I Have committed.zip

Yes, poop.
one question. why acoustic? I turned all the guitars electric and it sounded much more powerful. aside from a couple let ring difficulties, it was a lot better IMO.

just something to think about.
...Nothing you've ever...
...Planned on ever turned out...
...The way you planned...

...You're still disappointing them...
i'm lovin the way you managed to sneak in some double bass drumming, hehe!

the intro- a little generic, but as soon as the drums kick, and there are two guitars playing indipendent rhythms then its good.
double bass bit- ooh i like it! sort of reminds me of an all that remains chorus.
bit jus after that- bit generic, but, oh well.
guitar complex bit- wow thats really, really nice. when the other guitar kicks in, the complexity is kinda ruined if its just playing boring chords. this is at bar34.
bar 38- another really good bit. awesome drums, nice harmonies between the guitars, too.
solo- sounds a bit like an electric solo, really. but, i dont know, maybe it works.
i love bar 59. its really sweet.
the harmony at bar 64, i really think doesnt work. ive played around with it though, cant really find anything that works better though. it jus doesnt really sound right.
overall- great song, must be really fun to play. good job, mate.
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