can any1 give me advice on playing guitar and singing at the same time. I suck at it because i keep pausing to remember stuff and i play faster than i sing and vice versa.
practice. lots of it.

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when you want to play something and sing at the same time you need to be able to play the song without thinking about were your fingers go and how many time you pluck each string.

so with that, if you cant play a song like that then you will find it rather difficult to play and sing along at the same time
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Practice (so long as its correct) fixes nearly anything.

Also, if you don't know the song well enough to be able to take a piss while playing with one hand (I'm kidding but you get the idea) then don't try to sing.


Learn the song like the back of your hand before you try to sing over it.

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like they said, lots of practice...but another thing that helps is figuring out where the words fit into the strumming pattern, even if you know a song like the back of your hand you might struggle trying to sing it if you dont know how the words fit into the rhythm.

i know its probably frustrating, i watch my friends trying to sing and play the same thing a million times before they get it right, some just take more practice than others.

i play right handed but im ambadextrous with most things so i have the whole left brain/right brain thing goin for me making it pretty effortless even if playing a song for the first time just keep listening to the real version of the song and trying to play and sing along to it off a cd or somethin
A really good way to get yourself started is to whistle or humm the melody line of the lyrics. Don't worry about the words at first, take it a little bit at a time, and once you're confident then you can start adding the lyrics in.
start of really basic, playing simple chords slowly while you sing then when yor not go into some tasy soloin and speed up, with time you will get better
Hey, just start with some really simple songs. A song called "Anyone else but you" by the Moldy Peaches is a good one to start with (the chords are just G and Cadd9), "Come As You Are" by Nirvana is another simple one too. But yeah, practicing is all you can do.