so i broke a string the other day and figured it would be cool to try out some heavier strings... and yes i know this is retarded... im still figuring my guitar out... but now when i tune it the tremolo/bridge is all messed up, the strings are making it pull up at an angle constantly, even when i tuned it down to drop C.... i know im stupid but if someone could help me out it would be REALLY appreciated.
btw i have a schecter avenger
Need to adjust the spring tension. Open up the back of your guitar, and you'll see the part that the springs attach to on the neck side (side closest to the neck). You'll notice there is a metal plate with hooks that hold the springs. On the metal plate there are 2 screws which screw into the guitar. Loosen or tighten both of these until the bridge is at the optimal angle. Not sure how to describe the optimal angle, but if you remember roughly what it looked like before then aim for that or go online for pics.

EDIT: you might want to down tune your guitar by about 1 or 2 whole tones. And since they're heavier strings youll need to tighten both of those screws.

EDIT2: You'll need to keep adjusting the screws, then tuning the guitar, adjusting hte screws, then tuning the guitar until the guitar is in tune and the bridge is at the correct angle. Might take a long time, might not depending on how bad it is.

EDIT3: haha yes another edit. I saw your tuning, and you'll want to be tuning it to standard tuning (EADGBE) and aim for standard tuning and a good bridge angle.
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