ok, so i have a question about action.

how much is too much?, cuz no matter how high my action is, i still get some fret rattle when playing power chords.


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Play power chords better.

Seriously. I thought I had the same problem, then I moved out of my power chord stage and went back its like 'Good Lord why have I not done such a simple task as apply more pressure to the strings and strum with even strokes with the pick unangled?!"
Playing technique aside (I agree it is more likely a problem with your technique than the action of the guitar) and to answer the question directly, action is 'too high' when it causes you physical discomfort to play on and the gap from the fretboard to the strings is so large the guitar can never be intonated properly. Action is 'too low' when there's fretbuzz/rattle, or when you can't feel a difference between fretting the string and just resting your finger on it.

And in case it interests you, the main advantage of higher action is clarity, precision and better sustain; the main benefits of lower action is a more comfortable feel when playing very fast (though this is debatable, some people will simply tell you to man up and get used to the feeling - I am one of those people. Man up and get used to the feeling) and... well, not much else really, that's the only actual advantage lower action can provide.

Ideally for most players and most guitars, having the strings between 1.5-2.5mm away from the fretboard is deemed best. Going up to half a centimetre isn't uncommon. Much more than 5mm and you'll start to run into problems usually, lower than 1.5mm and you'll almost certainly run into problems unless you don't play with a pick (and even then, it's rocky ground)
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Try switching to a heavier set of strings.
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Something wrong with the truss rod?
Im not too sure but dont touch it if your not sure either lol
Unless you are really going for it and hammering the strings it sounds like the amount of relief in the neck may not be set properly. One of my guitars had this problem. Raising the action made some but not alot of difference. Once the relief in the neck was adjusted it was fine then.
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Try switching to a heavier set of strings.

yeppers, especially if there's down tuning involved. then all the other stuff about height.

which is mostly preference anyhoo.

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1.5 mm / 1/16" off the 12th fret with the string unfretted. With 10's in standard tuning i get no buzz.
Which is exactly as it should be for most guitars and players.
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