I stepped out
And gazed into the skies
They showed me memories
Of bitter times
I cried out
And screamed for you
If we work together
The world will see through

Caverns carved in our vision
Tall shadows in the city lights
It all starts to pour in
We’ll let it go tonight
Time may fly
A few good man shall die
But we know it’s right

I feel lost in my own skin
But wearing this mask
Makes makes me alive again
Radical routines ablazed
The norm begins to fade
This city was born in flame
And will be estinguised by the same
Time will fly
A few good men will die
But we hope it’s right

Common ground has lost its race
As i took evil’s true face
I’ve had this same fear
That you’ll be gone within the year
Taking your rightful place in the ground
For reasons I have not yet found
Even though time has flown
And all the good men are gone
I still feel it’s right

The mask I still wear
With all its rips and tears
But I’m not the same man
I’ve grown wiser with this new plan
And with dedication and time
I can commit this forseen crime
To put out the flame
And put my name to shame

What are your opinions on it?
What do you feel the story is?

My own little synopsis is its about a superhero reliving his life
before he decides to destroy the city that took his friend