My gear is in my sig but here it is again i guess.

I own an Ibanez AEB10E Acoustic/Electric Bass, and don't get me wrong..I like it. It gets the job done for me right now. At the moment I use it for just jamming with 2 people or practicing when im to lazy to plug in..lol. It has onboard tuner/equalizer. All in all it is nice and gets the job done.

Of course it is still an acoustic bass which is kind of awkward. What I really want is a decent made in mexico fender jazz bass like this one


My Amp that I own right now is a Kustom KBA 10x. Pretty much your basic beginner bass amp. 16 watts, low, mid, high knobs and a volume knob is about all it is. Really weak and can't even stand its own with my guitarist friends amps. The amp can barely cut through at all.

What I want for a bass amp is something like this


Do you guys know what would be the smarter buy first? Eventually I will own both of these but the money will take a little while to come by for them both (college student who doesnt get many hours at job). What do you recommend i get first?
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If your jamming with a drummer or gigging then go for the amp otherwise the amp is pointless.
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for guitars, the general rule of thumb is amp before guitar BUT your case is special because you don't exactly have a bass right now.. you have an acoustic bass (yeah, i know.. its acoustic/electric)

you could go 2 ways.. get a bass starter pack, like the ibanez jumpstart bass pack... that'll get you a decent electric bass and amp... then you could later upgrade the amp. IMO basses all prettymuch sound the same yet all bass amps do not. Once you save up enough, buy a new amp to replace the one in the starter pack (sell the amp you currently have) and then after a new amp, get a new bass

you basically have nothing now that you want, so you need to start from scratch almost
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I have myself a MAG300, and still use a KBA10 that's 7 years old for practices since I cba to shuttle around a head and 410 cab It holds up quite well in small spaces against two guitarists, drums and a vocalist- they actually notice when I'm not playing, and there's not much distortion. However, I hold that it's strictly down to the acoustics of the room- never works anywhere else.

If you go used, you could probably get a half decent bass and amp- look around.
your tone would be improved most by buying a new amp. thats actually a really good amp choice for the the price. whatever you do, please god, dont get a starter pack.
From the description it sounds like your current bass will get you through, but your amp just doesn't cut it. Start with a new amp. A high quality amp changes everything.

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I have to agree with my fellow mod here--go used. With the exception of my first bass, all of my basses are used instruments, including my amps. You can score some rather sweet deals on gear going used, esp. now.

On the KBA10--I used one for a few years myself. Its not a great amp but not bad. I finally donated it to the studio I go to, and it still holds its own against acoustic guitars and small combos.