I want to get a baritone guitar because I like really tuned down riffs. I typically play slow doom/stoner metal riffs but rip out a righteous solo every now and then. What is the best baritone guitar to get for under $800?

Thanks in advance.
Hey, You can get a Schecter baritone from Gigomania.com for about $560 if you put it in your cart. I paid $500 for one on craigslist, it's like new and I saw Guitar center wanted $699 so I thought it was a good deal. I called Schecter because Guitar center tried to sell me a coffin case for $150 and they said they didn't have a Schecter that would fit. Thats Bull!!! the standard diamond series fit it like a glove!! I told the guys at Gigo they should stock them.
The best one? Try Blackmachine or any other "custom" brand...
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i would save up another 3-400 and get this

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just like the one I own
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I would recommend a 7-string or 8-string. You'll get the low end you want and you can keep the high end. Plus, they're more versatile.