I came across an Ibanez Ghostrider GR520 on craigslist for about $400, and after doing some research on it I'm leaning pretty heavy towards getting it, more or less just as a collectible. Every now and then I noticed some people online calling it "rare" or a "collectible", but does anyone know if that's actually true? Also, does anyone have one, and if so what's your opinion on it?
IIRC, that's the carved top jobber with the Wilshire shaped body, dual pickups (I believe the older ones had P-90's and the newer ones had humbuckers) and a 22 or 23 fret set neck, right? I wanna say they popped up in the 80's after the "lawsuit era" along with the roadstars, died out, and then they brought 'em back with HB's for a while.
I wouldn't doubt that it's rare and collectable, but that doesn't mean it's worth a ton of money, case in point: Peavey T series guitars from the 80's and Ibanez Roadstars.

I'm not sure what the going price should be, but that's all the info I got. I might know more, depending on your specific questions.
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I used to teach in a store that sold Ibanez, and I remember them having a Ghostrider in stock once. It was a really nice guitar. Well built and it played really nice. $400 bucks might be a little high though. It seems like they went for about 600 brand new. Check it out and see how well it plays and the condition its in. If its in good shape, offer the guy $300.
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Hey guys thanks alot.

Thomme - I haven't been able to find too much on the specs of the guitar, but that sounds about right. I think it's the same one your thinking of.

seth's daddy - If the guy selling it is free this weekend I was hoping to check it out in person and see how it plays. I saw reviews on line, and they said it's a really versatile guitar which is what I'm looking for. But yeah, I'm having mixed feelings on the price because $400 does seem a bit high for it. Thanks for the advice.