Okay, so I have about 6 songs of my own that need lyrics..
I've tried writing for all of them..
but when I do, I get bored and I am discontent with the lyrics within one or two days
Its like, I write them, and they are good for a little while, and then I think they are stupid haha
I don't know if there is anyway to help this, but if there is..please help
ur your own worst critic

possible reasons
1. You realise the lyrics where boring and generic
2. its only your sub conscious

what you need to do it go away forget about the lyrics come back in a week and then re-examine
I've been the exact same as you until last night i suppose
I was always chopping and changing the lyrics I wrote and most of the time I'd just scrap them. Until I posted my lyrics here and got a bit of positive feedback I thought they weren't great but now that other people seem to like them I feel a lot better about them myself.
If you want you could PM me and I'll try and help you out as best I can
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What about getting an outside opinion? It always help to have another perspective. Have someone you trust read them and hopefully they'll be honest with you. Though if you can't take pride and be happy with your work then maybe you should have someone else do the writing. Are you in a band??
yes, get an outside opinion. obviously, the lyrics are up to you, and you should have your own opinions. but getting an outside opinion puts things in perspective.
yes I am in a band, and I write about 70% of the music, but I want to be doing a little bit of everything. I'll try getting outside perspectives thanks