I recorded the song "?" in my profile a while back and didn't write it down. Can anyone tab the beginning part, or atleast the chords in the song?
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He's talking about how could you forget your own song.

lol Idk it was just one I made while recording and I think it was a song I swore I'd remember cause it was two simple chords with the same single progression but I for some reason never played it again.
E minor, G open, D open? I think you have another chord in there too, but couldnt rly make it out that well. It sounded a little out of tune.

Maybe a B minor?
I think the first three are right, now if only I knew the single notes.... Thanks
I think you can probably solo over the top of it in E minor?

Which you can play starting on the open pentatonic. So, Open E, 3rd fret E, Open A, second fret A... etc.

Also, starting on the 12th fret, there is an E minor.