24 Frets
a Floyd Rose
seperate volume knobs for each pickup

And I'd like to "only" spend around 300 British pounds

The only thing I've come across so far is a Schecter C1, which are quite a bit out of my price range. -_-

If anyone could point something out to me i'd appreciate it a lot.
Thanks :>

Edit - Oh yeah if this is the wrong place to ask then just let me know. Also I'm not sure the Schecter would be ideal for the styles of music i like to play, I'm not much into metal, especially speed metal. Prefer all kinds of rock, blues, classical, even country > metal imo
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google says 420 bucks.

TS, I'd save, a guitar that cheap is gonna have a crap trem which is more trouble than it's worth.
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Schecter C-1 sounds good, but youd get better answers in the Electric Guitar forum.

Rightio, thanks guys \o/