So I've been using a very entry level acoustic, an olympia od-5 ( no one probably has heard of it) for many years now and I've been playing on and off. I just started to really get back into guitar again, and I decided that it is about time that I start to play something with some quality to it.

I mostly do blues, a lot of Eric Clapton, some classical -- but all in all I'm generally doing finger picking and not strumming chords. I have about $500 for a budget, and I'm looking for a quality acoustic electric with a cutaway that I can use for a long time that is suitable for my playing needs. I've went to guitar center, but I can't seem to make up my mind and I would greatly appreciate any recommendations.

Martins and Taylors are really out of the question -- they are too pricey, and although Ovations fit perfectly into my price range, they didn't feel right with me.

Thanks in advance.