Ok as promiced, I redid Devil. It was just too complicated the first time around. The song should be simple, to the point, so I removed the acoustic bass and then half way through the recording, I said 'screw it'.

I wiped the project and hooked up 2 mics. One to the guitar and one to me. I sat on a stool and played the song and sang it straight through, one shot. Well. I lied. It took me 2 takes. The first time I mixed up the words "shows me how you feel" and I said something else entirely.

So here it is. 2nd take, straight shot recording with my Lexicon Lambda singing and strumming "Devil" by Aaron Lewis of Staind... inspired by his concert the other night where he played it, godlike of course.

Staind - Devil - Solo Acoustic Cover

C4C, lemme know what you think. Thanks guys, you rock!