Okay I LOVE my guitar,

But i want to make some changes- the paint stays.. however, I want to "personalize" my baby..lol I just added blue bird fret inlay stickers on it.. but i want to do something like maybe add something to the body.. (_insert your idea here_) Like i said before im a big whale, dolphin, bird and (Sorry to the LP haters.) I love LP..lol But im open to anything.. dragons, *Roses (lol) etc.. any help is great picturesdont mind my bird)

for those who cant see the pics:



Orcas & Linkin Park- Wild and Amazing

Put look... curvy tentacly stuff all over it like...


Whatever the black stuff is behind them.


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Maybe it's just me but that is one fugly shade of blue. I suggest if you're going to change anything about it, to start with that paint.
Nope Limited edition squire I aint changing it, plus Many people love the color .. but thats your opinion, its actually lighter than Its showing on camera, (new camera still learning it ugh)
Orcas & Linkin Park- Wild and Amazing