so i've heard that active emg's sound like **** on a ss amp but do the passive emg's sound alright or just as bad as the active on ss amp.
Passive EMG's aren't very good in the first place. If you have a SS amp you wont really benefit from a pickup swap, unless your guitar has really crap pickups.
Bah - EMGs sound like poo. Get some more versatile and better humbuckers.


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i was plannin on getting a jackson dkmg and it has stock emg hz, just wonderin how high/low to set my expectations for sound
Kind of a different story, but a friend of mine just got the Epi. Zakk Wylde LP with the EMG HZ pickups and it screams pretty good... but a nice LP has pretty good tonal qualities anyway
My prophecy lp with emg 81/85 is better though

EDIT: No, really though... the HZ's will no doubt sound way better with a SS amp. I had trouble with my actives until I plugged into a tube amp. And like I said, they sound fine through my friends guitar and he has SS.
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A lot of people on UG hate the passive EMGs.

Personally, as stock pickups I think they're definitely better than some in-house pickups like the Ibanez Powersound or the ESP in-house pickups.

As a pickup that came with my Edwards, I like the sound on some of them, and I run my Edwards through a tube as well as a hybrid amp. Though I wouldn't buy them as aftermarkets though as there are much better out there. If they came with your guitar, I'd say they're pretty decent pickups.
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I'm not a huge EMG fan anymore. Good passives sound much more organic and better. But this whole active doesn't sound good on solid state never applied with me. When I was big on emg's they sounded good on tube amps and on solid state amps and gave me clarity that my stock passives didn't have. But getting better passives are even better. I would not buy passive emg's.

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Passive EMG's aren't very good in the first place. If you have a SS amp you wont really benefit from a pickup swap, unless your guitar has really crap pickups.

That's not even close to true. People on UG say that over and over. I'm a tube amp guy but I've had solid state practice amps. Pickups and amps are two totally different things. If he has crappy stock pickups that makes his playing and notes really muddy and difficult to get clarity then it's going to sound like crap on a SS. Now if he has better pickups which makes his guitar have more clarity, better harmonics, and a natural low end it will sound much more clear through his ss amp. I mean muddy stock pickups vs good pickups... it doesn't matter what amp.

That's not saying you'll get a better tone..because if you have a crappy amp you'll still have a crappy tone. But you'll get your notes to come out a lot more clear.
^Agree with that guy.

The Seymour Duncan's on my RR3 sound so much clearer than the pups on my Squier. Now, look at my sig.