I'm going to go play them both at the shop before buying one, but which would you guys recommend? I'm playing clean blues, jazz, and rock. "Heaviest" would probably be some Alice in Chains stuff like Rooster. Doubt I'll go any heavier than that. And I have an OCD pedal anyways.
I like the Princeton's cleans a lot, but I'm afraid I won't be able to cut through a drumset/rhythm guitarist with a stack. It's only 15 watts tube afterall. The Carvin Nomad is 50 watts tube. From what I've heard in vids, its cleans aren't as godly as the princeton's though. That being said, I don't really know how much I'd need the full 50 watts. I'm doing gigs to fill 200 people venues right now, but I'm thinking of stopping and just going to coffee shops and restaurants from now on. I doubt I'd need more than 15 watts for that. But I imagine every once in a while I'll jam with someone with a full stack, and I won't want to be drowned out, so maybe the extra headroom would be good to have for those occasions.

What do you all say? Pay more for the princeton, have it sound better, but probably not be loud enough, or pay less for the Carvin, and have more than enough watts?

I'm probably leaning towards the carvin just because it's cheaper and I'm broke right now. But I'll be selling my tiny terror to add to the amp fund anyways.