I don't like greenday or the song. But it was actually one of the best covers I've ever seen anybody do.
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thank you stevenpollock..
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one of my favorites to play along with. as a GD fan i say it was well done and well executed. good job guys.
I don't like the song but I thought you guys did a good job with it, I was entertained.
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You need to turn yourself up a bit, it just sounded like drums, bass and vocals, the guitar could barely be heard.

Overall a tight performance, singing needs a bit of work though.

i agree, but also without pro studio gear and engineers almost everyone sounds out of whack on amatuer recordings. if the singing needs work then i think you have a good base to start with. even the big name pros spend days sometimes in the studio mixing and editing a song to make it sound perfect. Then when you see them live it almost never sounds as good because they don't have the studio's almighty bag-o-tricks. (except Offspring here in houston a couple months ago- they totally killed it!)
so take all of this as positive constructive criticism, guys. thats what you wanted, right? seriously, y'all did well. keep at it.