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My brother in law is just starting out at guitar ive given him some exercises to get started and i want to teach him a easy song to keep him motivated. He likes disturbed and am just wondering if they have any easy songs for him to learn. Cheers!
Liberate. Hands down the easiest song to learn from them. Either that or Voices. Voices was the first one I ever learned. even Down With the Sickness is easy.
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As a beginner myself, I agree with fenderkid112, bartdevil_metal, and Disturbed137.

For future reference:

The songs fenderkid112, bartdevil_metal, and Disturbed137 mentioned are-
- Down With The Sickness
- Inside The Fire Guitar
- Liberate
- Voices

These songs are also great for practice.

Some things I learned so far that may help other beginners-
- Take it slow first, and slowly pick up speed.
- Guitar Pro (4/5/6) is a great tool to learn songs.
- Wear a figurative horse-blinder
- Remember, the guitarists you aspire to be have been playing guitar (and most probably other instruments) for decades.
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