Hey guys. I have decided to buy a new cabinet, and I got my eyes caught on the Gallien-Krueger Goldline 410GLX.


I haven't been able to find any reviews about it, so I was wondering if anybody got any experience with them, and what's your opinion about it?
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I owned and gigged with this cab for about a year. It never gave me any problems, and i think it's totally worth the money. especially if it's your first 4x10. I ran it with a Markbass Little Mark II...which is 600 watts or so at 4 ohms, i don't recall what at 8 ohms exactly. but that pushed the cabinet a little hard. if you have any questions feel free to contact me about it. i've recently upgraded to a Hartke 8x10.
I currently own this and run it with a



I personally love it all together, it sounds really good even with my crappy epiphone starter bass. I play lots of blues, rock, and funk too, if that helps with your decision.
The frequency response is fishy. I can guarantee a $400 cab of 10s cannot go down to 30Hz, and the top rating of 7kHz shows it has no tweeter - and even then I bet the 7kHz is 2kHz to high.

I think tweeters are a must, but for a cab without a tweeter, 10s are the best option if it's your only cab.

My advice? Seek out a cab with a tweeter. Eden Nemesis maybe?
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I can't say much from personal experience, but I heard that the Backline and Goldline series stuff isn't really anything extra in its price range, and that GK really only starts to sing once you hit the RB series... don't take my word on it, though.
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