I am looking for a new wah pedal at the moment, or a delay. But for now WAH

I can get a good deal on a Vox V847A wah, But ive heard it doesnt cope well with high gain soloing. (On ebay, Cant try it out)

I am looking for a wah sound similar to what dave or ad use from Iron Maiden, somewhat smooth, I wont use too many buzzwords to describe the sound I am after.

So should I get the vox? Keep looking?

Anyone make another recomendation please.
Uhh a few more high gain suggestions

Slash Wah
Crybaby From Hell
Zack Wylde Wah
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the slash wah is really nice, personally im waiting on the kirk hammett one but i dont think it will give you the smooth sound you want.
the slash one is my pick for you
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