I have this pedal myself, and I'd like to ask about the drive. Normally I use the Peavey 5150 setting on my pedal and it comes out the way I like it, the right sound and everything, however after recording on video or through the computer its way to distortioned and I hardly get a tone out of it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? (whether it be through the pedal, or in the recording process). also, none of the other drives I really like when playing but they sound alright recorded, which really pisses me off lol, cos they sound like ass when im trying to play.


wow, soon after posting this i realised its extremely vague and strange. try to answer it anyway lol :P
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I think I know what you are talking about. I have an RP250. The 'drive' sounds better to your ears vs the computer. If you are going to record, try turning the gain down on the pedal or mess with the EQ and then switch back when you are not recording.

at least I tried
You could be clipping by overdriving the input on your computer. You don't say what kind of amp you are using, but if something sounds good through a guitar amp it won't sound the same played through a stereo. The guitar amp and speaker filters the sound and cuts a lot of the harshness.

You need to tweak your multifx specifically for playback on a stereo when recording direct to the computer vs micing an amp. How does the pedal sound through headphones? Tweak your zoom using headphones before recording. And use a program like Audacity that has a waveform display to check the levels.

Also record in mono. Or if recording in stereo make sure each waveform is less than half full scale because some sound cards clip at half scale in stereo.