Hey everyone,

I just invested in a guitar pack, my first ever Electric Guitar. When I strummed my first chord, though, the strings rattled quite a bit. Power chords, open chords, major/minor, it doesnt matter, it always rings. Now I have checked my fretting every time it rattles and my fingers are in the right spots. It doesn't happen much when playing single notes though... Any suggestions on fixing this problem?

Also, the guitar came with a Tremolo Arm (Whammy bar) and I picked it up, screwed it in, but it seems really stiff... Is that what they are supposed to be like? How much "flex" should I get in the whammy bar?
as much stiffness as you want, it's good to keep it fairly stiff to keep your tuning stable on big bends and such.

As far as the string rattle goes, check in on the ultimate guitar setup thread.