have any of you guys got or know anything about michael kelly guitars,as i have just come across these guitars,and really like them,any advice please.
yeh they do look pretty good that's all i know about them lol, but i still prefer 'manson' guitars though =P
They are meant to be REALLY good guitars for the money.

Very highly rated with guitarists.

Any specific models you are after?

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I really dig the look of the MK patriots, seriously considering getting one myself for my next guitar!
they're really nice, and apparantly amazing quality for the price, but i've tried the patriots and the neck seems to wide for my liking, kinda like the sg neck only a bit wider, then again my hands arent hat big and i dont like the width of that neck, you might though.
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they are a little wide in the neck, but it plays really sweet. Honestly i really like the guitar overall. I love that rockfield SWC pickup in the neck but the bridge pickup does not have enough bite for my liking. Great axe for the money tho.
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great guitar really for the price i dont think anything tops the quality...

i was between a MK or my PRS SE, and i still think the MK has a better quality but i liked the feel of the PRS better... and the neck