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I do have a buddy that is lead singer/guitar in a band. He actually has my guitar right now because one of the pickups isn't working. Once he has fixed it we are going to sit down and play. I also bought my 8 yr old daughter a guitar for Christmas so I want to have some idea what I'm doing, lol (can't get upstaged by an 8 yr old).

Back again and starring at my guitar, LOL. Time to start over, wish me luck!!
Quote by mfarre03
Ok, so I have been talking about learning how to play guitar for more than a few years now. I finally bought a DOT Cherry in December and have practiced maybe 3 times, 1 hour at a time. I have been using the and just get discouraged, not sure if I will ever learn how to play. I know 3 times, wtf, barely enough time to tune the guitar, lol. Guess I need some encouragement, 34 now and not sure how easy I will learn how to play this thing. I don't have an amp, just playing acoustically and really doesn't sound all that great, lol. I think I played more guitar hero than my REAL guitar. Not whining just frustrated with myself.

Thanks in advance,

Well, unfortunately music doesn't reward people who put no work in it. My own motivation has simply been the powerful emotions that I get out of music, and from my goal of creating these emotions myself. I have never needed any encouragement, not only to play, but to learn to play the best I could.

Maybe you just realized that learning to play an instrument isn't the easy thing it appears, and so you had misconceptions about what it takes. Maybe the music you listen to isn't emotionally charged enough. Try to listen to a lot more different genres and musicians, and from different periods in time too, i.e. not just whatever album came out last week.
i've been at properly for a month now and just nailed the intro to smoke on the water, well you would think i'm ready for worldwide stadium tour by the way i put it on my facebook page - really it was a short term goal and the elation in making makes up for the hours spent going throug E,A,D etc.

Reward yourself with a little jam try or a tab at the end of practice and it amazing how much you want to get back at the next day and try again

FYI - the pain in the fingers does pass!!
3 hours in 3 months won't do shit.
Pick a riff, and keep hammering at it, until it sounds like the real thing.
Might take a week or two.
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