Im right now starting to save up again for a new piece of equipment for my rig. I have about 300-400 right now and im getting atleast 600 over the summer.

I was wondering where i should go with upgrading my rig? I could either get a new guitar, a new amp, or just upgrade a few parts on my guitar and get a decent amp.

I was looking mesa boogie, but i didn't know what type to go with.

Also the type of music i play is metal, hard rock, rock, alternative, alternative rock, nu-metal, and everything around there.

My rig right now is a ibanez rg120, an ibanez 7-string, and a blackstar HT-5 mini stack.

Gigging is in mind with this amp because the blackstar is perfect for me to just practice with.
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But your mix is not the easiest to work to. I'd get a used Twin Reverb but I'm not you and you might want more emphasis on the metal end. Go play with a few.
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Mesa Boogie DC combo $600

Ampeg Reverborocket head $400 (need cab but wow....just wow)

Bugera 6260 combo $450 (maybe get it checked out first)

Randall RG100 head $275 (needs cab)

Ampeg Reverborocket combo $375

Sovtek Mig 60 $500 (needs cab)

New? B52 AT60 $360 or a Valveking $400 and a new speaker.
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