Say a song about as heavy as Black Label Society or Iron Maiden (not hardcore), but with solos like BB King and Eric Clapton or Neil Young or Ritchie Blackmore, or any classic rock and blues. Would you like it or do you just like a lot of shredding and speed like Slayer or Iron Maiden? I know Slash sort of does bluesy solos but he always builds them up and has crazy fast passages in them as well, and GNR isn't really metal. Just coz I like to play hard rock/metal but my best solos are blues, I'm getting faster but that doesnt mean that its sounding better, the slower ones are still the best.
I wouldn't listen to metal in the first time. So no.
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to some point you could do that but a solo is supposed to go with or be an extinction of the song, so going from way hard to blues just doesn't fit. If its a slower song or you start to slow down before you go into the solo it might work
I love it when guys liek petrucci, shawn lane, steve vai, michael romeo anyone "good" you name trows in a nice little pentatonic thing over just a little chord and then back. That little tonal change does so much to the sound! I love it!
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Nope. But I do not like Slayer™ solos either. Don't like most blues/classic rock solos, even though I've heard the odd good one. But it just wouldn't fit either. It has nothing to do with speed as far as I'm concerned, but the overall sound, it's just that the sound itself wouldn't fit in the metal I usually listen too. That's not to say that it would work with other bands.

Actually, when I think about it, a couple of bands I listen to (at least) incorporates some elements of blues and classic rock in their solos, though they're usually very subtle.
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hmm... Iron Maiden do indeed shred and I don't think they realy have that much "feeling" to them. However, Ritchie Blackmore also shreds and there is a definite Blackmore influence in Dave Murray
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Opeth are a heavy band who often delve into blues style lead, and you can hear Iron Maiden explore their blues side on Strange World.
An pentatonic accent is nice. However, it isn't metal anymore if the solo only consists of slow pentatonic scales. *Looks at Kirk*


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