Hi there =) Is an Ibanez JEM worth it? They look very nice ^^ Which model of the JEM serie is the best then? I saw a Jem 555, but i dunno.

Thanks for the answers!
555s are supposed to be the ****ty little brother of the series.

Other JEMS like the 7v are excellent, imo, but not much better, if at all, than the high-end RGs, so I dunno whether the price tag is justified.
I've heard it is much better to get your own RG prestige, and then upgrade pickups. It saves you a good bit of money.

EDIT: Plus, you won't look like a tool for using someone else's guitar..
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Looks cool, sounds great, but the price tag is killer. If you can't get one used, there is barely any point in getting one, since a good RG with pickup swap is about as good as jem can be. (coming from jem owner)
Agreed with everyone else. It looks cool but it's kinda lame playing a someone else's guitar. I also think it depends on your skill level, if you're intermediate or something I wouldn't go buy a $2000 guitar. If you think it fits your style and the things you're looking for in a guitar then go for it.

P.S If you're looking to gig with it that might be a bad idea.
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I don't think they're worth the price tag, you're far better off getting one of the Prestige RGs and customising that
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