So I thought it was my tubes. I bought it from the shop and figured it had stock tubes. Wow was I wrong. I opened her up and found no name Power Tube and a Ruby. And then an assortment of JJ and Sovtek pre-amp tubes. I switched those around to get a tone I wanted but I still can't get rid of the hiss. Turning down the "Pre" and the Presence control works a little bit. Does anyone know what im talking about?
Well, with high-gain amps, there's boud to be some noise or hiss coming out too.

Maybe noise supressor/gate could fix it? Don't use one myself, so can't really give advice on what model.
- Use more post gain
- Noise Supressor
- EQ (try pulling back on the 8 kHz band - milage may vary)
ISP or NS-2 will solve it. And yes turning down the presence helps. High presence on the 5150 sounds like crap. I keep it at 5 or below but it takes a minute to get used to if you are one of these people who play it maxed out. Too many mids make it squeal too.
the ISP helps.
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