first off im in jackson mi and i want to join or start a band im sick of jamming with ppl that just wanna make noise...some info is
im 19
been playing 2 yrs
i am very dedicated and want to try to do music for a living
i will play anything from rock ac/dcish stuff to metal--thrash metal is fav genre
i can drive to practice and gigs
so if u want to jam sometime just msg me with some of ur basic info or email me mudvayneownsjou@aol.com thanks
\m/ metal up your ass
Bump y is meeting ppl 2 play with so damn hard?
\m/ metal up your ass
Jackson you say... hmm. I don't think that's too far away from St. Johns. I might be able to jam some time. I've been trying to get a band going for a while but people around here are too lazy to. I'm 17, been playing for about 4 years even though I kinda suck (look at profile for proof) and I like metal.
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