I found 2 software applications that will help you in producing chords, or extracting chords from a song (mp3, ogg, wav etc format)

they are:
1. D'Accord iChords - http://www.daccordmusic.com/eng/product.php?idProduto=42

2. and Digital Music Mentor - I have this at portable , no need to register, ill upload it later...

this chord extractors are really useful.....
Are they actually accurate or anything? I just found iChords, but I haven't bothered downloading it or anything. I'm definitely not paying $30 for anything I don't need.....
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i read that digital music mentor sucks and doesnt get the chords right.how does that other one work?
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No linking to hacked software and no talking about cracks and serials.You're just allowed to post the official link to the software.
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Well, Digital music mentor is pretty accurate for extracting chords for songs while it doesn't go to 9's 11's or higher
It is really good for determining simple major, minor and even 7's chords. Actually, it is really hard to produce an accurate chord among other sounds in a song.
You can use it just to find out a scheme or a harmony of a song, but to more accurate playing you should try different ways to play exactly that chord that is being played in a song.