After some thinking a couple of nights ago, I decided that if I couldn't start a band, I would have to bite the bullet and go solo. Next weekend (14th) there is a big "festival" (quotes because it's only big by local standards) that is half a sort of new-band show off, with some gigs by established local bands, and some Real bands :p

Anyway, they do a OpenMic - think that's the translation - which I plan to go to, and play an original, and possibly a cover of Knockin On Heaven's Door.

I'll be alone, with only an electric (don't own an electroacoustic), no pedals, and either a MicroCube or a Cube-30 if I can borrow one. Has anyone got any advice? For calming nerves, for getting the audience on my side (bearing mind the crowd will be French, not my first language, so nothing too eloquent). I was thinking of taking a leaf out of Guns N Roses' book, and making the audience sing the outro lines (watch any live performance of Heaven's Door by them, you'll see), but I think it would be better to not try, then to try and fail, in that case.

Also, as I'll be alone, solos are a big no-no, right?
no solo, and you should try and get a session drummer. rent a better amp, maybe a vox 50 watt, it would be great for a gig like that.
I'm a little confused. Why can't he solo if he's alone? Cause there's no Rhythm?
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If you're only playing two songs, won't you want something a little more upbeat (and less cliche) than Knocking on Heaven's door? I'm not trying to be negative, that's just a real issue to consider. Do you have a regular acoustic guitar (not acoustic electric)? In 90% of situations I can imagine, you'd be much better off just micing that then playing a solo set with an electric.

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I'm a little confused. Why can't he solo if he's alone? Cause there's no Rhythm?

Imagine you're a typical listener in a festival crowd, now imagine a kid gets up on stage and starts playing solo guitar with no band. How would this make you feel? I think that pretty much answers your question.
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Nope, as I said, I may be able to borrow a mate's acoustic.

Paying for a drummer and a great amp isn't an option, because I'm a broke 16 year-old, and this isn't a massive headlining gig.

I might reconsider Heaven's Door. Patience by Guns is also too slow, but it's not as cliché, right? I could play three, no-one's warned me against it..