I went to a pawn shopin my area and stumbled upon this bass:


It was extremely light and the neck was fast. Anyhow, my primary concern is the fact that it had no manufacturer or anything written on it's black headstock, and no indications anywhere on the body as to where it might come from. I can probably bargain the price down to 120-150, but I was just wondering if anyone knows where it could possibly come from?
Well i have no clue what kind of bass it is but if you like how it feels and play get it. You don't always need to buy a bass just casue it's made by a big name company. As long as you like how it plays and stuff get it.
If you like it and it is worth 150 to you, it doesn't really matter that it's not a name brand.
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Could have been custom built, but I'm not sure why someone would build a bass then later sell it, as I imagine one would keep it forever.
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If you like it then whats stopping you?
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