I own a 1973 bassmen ten that i love but the low end is a little two heavy. Im going for a john mayerish tone. If i were to change my speakers from the neodymium bass speakers to something else what should i get?

Ps. I am play a fender strat through a boss ds-1 with a half battery
Wow. I take it you love your amp. Instead of going thru the cost of replacing 10 speakers why don't you just get a second amp and keep your resale value on your Bassman. Unless the speakers are just completely shot I wouldn't f**k with it.

I'm guessing you could get a used Blues Jr or HRD for the cost of 10 speaker.

Just sayin'

Personally, I'd ditch the DS-1 and get a Overdrive pedal that can act as a clean boost.

It doesnt have 10 speakers it has 4 if its the same 1 Im looking at on the net. Its a closed back cab which will affect its bottom end quite a bit. Potentially mod it to be open backed. It would depend greatly on the speakers you put in it how it would affect the bottom end. After all it was designed for bass so is gonna have alot of bottom end. You might also check into modding the amp section to change the caps for less bass.

yeah, OK. I saw 10 speakers in the title and figured it was 10 x 10 or 10 x 8 combo. I've certainly seen 8 speaker bass cabs before. I should have checked, but my basic response stays the same.

So TS - you have one of these?


make it a head and by a 2x12 guitar cab.
a bassman isnt quite voiced for john mayer stuff though. i have a 72 bassman 50, i love it.
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