This is my first song I am hoping fr reviews or advice. Thank you all

Wash this Dirt off my body
I'll Never be clean
Since the first Day
Jesus babtized me

Your a crushing blow to my heart
The dissapointment from the start
Truly worse than the babloyn *****
Feed off your children that cry from the sores

"Voices of the world are coming on strong
Its time now to mutilate your hatred
seek out all your anger----------------------------chorus
Release all your demons
Or they will feed off of you"

I will forgive my cold hearted bitch
I will forgive my government
Sending the poor
To fight for thier war
Forgivness for are creator
Forgivness for the savior

(chorus again)

cry with me
pray with me
stay with me
bleed with me
just dont save me
I am enlightened