Hey guys, we recorded these songs on our ReverbNation profile in my singer's basement using Pro Tools LE and some plugins he has. I was pretty happy with the final results. I'm posting the ReverbNation site, not the Myspace, because the quality is much higher on ReverbNation, although I wish you guys could hear the WAV files.

The new songs are Crush, Show Emotion, and Murder Scene. All of the other songs were done using Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 a while back in the same basement.


Let me know what you think of the recordings or the music.
The recordings are pretty well done. The mix is nice and so is the production. As for the music, it's really not my style. Just seems a bit repetitive and kind of "overdone" like I've heard these songs before. Not that it's a bad thing but, just my opinion.
Portugal. The Man »–
That's good feedback, man. Positive or negative we like to hear it. I was definitely pretty happy with how the recordings came out. Style- and genre-wise I'm into pretty much everything I listen to enough, so I love playing this stuff. But everyone has their own personal taste. Can't fault anyone for that.