There's a very cool jam night at my local pub. This is just a sample of one of the jams from last night. Me on guitar, a drummer I work with, and a bassist and keyboard player I know from hangin' out there. (Just show them the changes on stage and say "let's go"!)

I'm on a Strat with a CryBaby Wah as the only effect.


MP3 is short, just a 2 minute excerpt. It's from one of my originals, but my vox were terrible on it so I didn't post 'em. (Monitor wasn't loud enough.)

C4C as always.
    Thanks for the crit.

    All the instruments you have going create a really nice atmosphere, very calming I'd say. The solo just makes this even more true because of how melodic it is. Sorry I really don't have too much to say about this.. I really heard no big flaws in it. The flow of the music is nice and it keeps a steady mood throughout. It sounds very full throughout which is a good thing so nice job.
    Thanks 4 the crit. Great jam, sounds like you were well into it, the guitar is sweet, old school with a kinda animalish feel to it with the syth, the drumming is cool too. I can't hear the bass too well but it's most probebly my crappy speakers. Actually I can hear it better as the tracks goes on nice little bass line. It would have been sweet if you'd gone into a different key but all in all it's nice jam.
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