Ok im tryin to decide whether or not to buy the Behringer Ultra Metal Pedal. Evidently It is a cheaper version of the Metal Pedal that Boss makes. I dont know anyone that actually has the Behringer though. Does anybody out there have it? I would like to know if its sturdy and long lasting.
it's sturdy enough but the realiability of the electronics is hit and miss

oh yea, and itll sounds like crap
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Good rule of thumb:

Behringer should be avoided, and if it has "metal" in the product title, odds are you're not going to enjoy it (there are exceptions).


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I have the UM300 and its fine once you find out the trick with changing battery. Plenty of tange of sounds and warmer than the metal on my Cube. Just a bit flimsy.
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Boss aren't that great either - they're pretty reliable, but not the best of pedals.
What's your budget? and what gear are you using?
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Decent pedal for the price imo...its a clone of the BOSS and sounds very similar. The only difference is the plastic case...which never bothered me on any of the Behringer products I owned in the past...I mean unless you weigh 500 pounds and you're taking the word 'stompbox' literally, you're not going to break it. I mean in most cases, you can get one of these used for $20 on ebay...you can't really do any better for that cash, and most BOSS pedals are extremely overpriced for the tone you get.
Look at Visual Sound Pedals. They're pretty good. Friend has one. Kicks ass
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The Behringer is decent....sounds close enough to the Boss Metal Zone that you couldn't justify getting the Boss. Quality is diminished a bit in plastic casing and fairly flimsy pots, however mine has been reliable with no problems. If you're looking for a good cheap distortion pedal to get you by, the Behringer would be fine, otherwise elsewhere and for around 100 you can get a nice distortion pedal.
ya I just need something with like a TON of distortion. but thanks every body for the answers, that will be very helpful!
try it out, and its cheap enough that you wont miss the money you spent on it
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