A friend has given me a guitar he doesn't want anymore, it's not old and in perfect shape but i'm having major problems with the e string (the bottom one).
I've gotten the intonation perfect on all the other stings but simply can't twist the screw in far enough to get it right.
The neck is not warped at all so I have no idea what is wrong.
The 12th fret harmonic is on the 13th fret and matches perfectly with the open string if that's any help.

Thanks for any advice.
im not sure wat kind of guitar you got, but you might have to switch the saddle around if its possible
you need to loosen the screw if i'm understanding you correctly. if the harmonic is too far up the neck, then the string is too long, so the saddle needs to move closer to the nut.

if that isnt it, then maybe the nut needs sorting out for that string, because if it's too low you might be getting contact with the first fret which would screw up the harmonic.

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are the strings fresh?

what type of bridge?

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can't twist the screw in far enough to get it right.

Is this a Tune-o-matic bridge? If so, is the saddle the right way round?
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