Say I want to write a song with bass drums and 2 guitars where do I start?

What do I need to know theory wise?
Usually with the guitar. Make a few riffs / chord progressions. Then you can put drums and the other guitar in. But I'd say start with the guitar.
I find that starting on a chord (any chord!) and then playing around with a scale that's in the same key helps. Example- play a Cmaj chord, then mess about with the Cmaj scale, or the blues scale, that's a good one. Pentatonics ect, just mess about!
I personally would do something similar to adambauman31

Make a guitar riff, and a nice chord progression to go with it. Then I would add a drumline. Bass can come in anywhere really, it could even be the same as the guitar riff.

Hope that helps.
yeah just play around on you guitar and find a cool chord progression. Then turn it into a song with verse chorus verse middle 8 chorus whatever. Then you can put the second guitar in with a lead line over the top of the chords or just reinforcing certain chords. Then shape it with the dums to add speed and dynamics.
Then you have the basics you need to develop it. this is where its ideal to have other people in the band as they can all put in ideas and stuff.
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Dude, just pick up your guitar and play around a bit until you find something that sounds cool, it can be two notes, a crazy 12-chords progression or just mashing some power chords. Figure out something that matches it on the other guitar, maybe it just sounds cool with the other guy playing the same or almost the same thing, doesn't have to be complicated.

Bass, grabb the bass, follow the chords, or don't. Does it sound fresh? Keep it, sounds like poo? Don't.

Just have some fun and take inspiration from the music you like
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