so i am starting to pick back up playing guitar but would like to purchase a very nice setup. i am into nu-metal such as linkin park and hard rock such as a7x and bfmv, does anyone have any suggestions for a guitar/amp combo that would be similar to this? i am looking in the 1,000 dollar range for both the guitar and amp.
get a roland micro cube and a schecter avenger
mg 100 amp and ibanez s series
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well a7x uses mainy bogners.. bullet uses mesa boogie rectos.. but i think they use peaveys now too... you could probably look into the peaveys.. seeing that rectos are like 1100 and the bogners even more.. id look into schecter guitars if i were you. also Ltds i have no experiece with them but ive heard they were great guitars amp hmm.. maybe a vypyr 60w tube? there what 400 i think im not sure with amps.. id stay away from line 6 though.. ive also heard the marshall mg series isnt to good either
MG? As in Marshall MG?

Awful advice. Unless you have no other recourse, don't get an MG. They're awful things...

If it's for home use, which I'm assuming it is -

Amp: Roland Cube 30
Guitar: ESP/LTD MH400NT

That'll even be below your budget and you'll be able to play them both for years.

If you go used, you can do better in the amp department - I found a Peavey XXX 2x12 @ 150W for 500 bucks. Works great and hasn't let me down in the three years I've had it so far.
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i actually was looking at getting a schecter c-1 hellraiser along with a decent mesa/boogie before i made this thread but wanted others opinions
Careful with cheaper Mesas - they're very one dimensional tone wise. Schecter's a good company, though.
Do you feel warm within your cage?

And have you figured out yet -

Life goes by?
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There's a dick on Earth, too
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Buying used amp can get you wonders or you can wait for Peavey's new combo model on April. Around $600-700 and it's 60W I think?
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I think you should look at Schecter, LTD, Jackson and maybe the Ibanez X series.
I have a C-1 Hellraiser, which I love. Try it well though, especially see if you like the neck (which is thick) and the bridge (which is pretty high).
Also BUY A DISTORTION PEDAL and save on the amp. Don't buy a Marshall MG. (I can tell... I got one )
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