Thank you!! That's a great one... Anything else would be greatly appreciated! Anything about wanting to remain a child (Peter Pan-ish) would be cool, too! I don't know why I can't think of anything... Thanks, though!
I missed my childhood,
If only you had understood,
For all my life,
I've lived in strife,
Never to do what the other kids could.

Oh, any good ones? Sorry, I can't help too much.
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Hm... Curses was interesting.

And I thought it would be way easier to find these kind of songs, but it's really not...
Good ones? That's a tough one. But here's one that's good (depending on taste) if you ignore the band.

Photograph - Nickelback

I think it's pretty good.
Eternity isn't long
If all you so is sleep
And forever is just a little while
If all you do is dream.

All Alone is All we Are
Speeding cars - Frou Frou.

I'm a shameless fan.
Kiss with a fist, lovely heterosexuals.
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Kiss with a fist, lovely heterosexuals.
Field of innocence - Evanescence. It's another song that interprets missing childhood.
Kiss with a fist, lovely heterosexuals.
MGMT has stuff like that. Kids and time to pretend talks about it.
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Not really missing children, but similar:
The Wrong Child - REM

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Symbolic by Death, kinda.

"In need of a fix called innocence"
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I'm gonna assume Marillion's album Misplaced Childhood is about missing childhood, but I haven't listened to all of it, much less tried to interpret the lyrics.
Woe is is me my childhood is missing
I think I may have caught my brain pissing
asleep on the job with holes in the bottom
now I cannot recall a hairless scrotum
Haha Angsty Song - Angsty Band... Man, that song's been ripped off so many times!!