OK i need and amp for practice at home and I have a budget of 200 euros.

Its mainly for home because i have to option of using a 100 watt marshall mg or a 100 fender 212r for band practice and gigging (although i would like to be able to use this for practice with a drummer)

My Styles are mainly Punk but i want something which can handle Classic Rock, Indie and Metal too. btw if its any help i have a proco rat2

At the moment im considering Orange crush 30r does anyone have experience with this? and does anyone have a better suggestion?
i doubt it would be loud enough unless you have a very quiet drummer.as far as playing over a drummer with a solid state,you will need at least 75watts.if you want to go tube,30watts should do you very well.at least in my experiences.

if you have a versatile distortion pedal than any amp that is powerful enough should handle your needs.i recommend carvin to everyone but im not really sure of the UK availability.

i hope i was of some help.
Ok thanks. well like i said i do the the option of 100 watts ss for practice at the moment.
While I would love a 30 watt tube i dont have the money yet its something i will eventually upgrade to though.
I have never seen a Carvin amp in my local music store and i doubt they would be able to get them in.
if its any help having something loud enough for practicing with a drummer is not really a priority.
save a bit more and look for a used tube laney

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

tbh im 16 i dont have a job at the moment and i live in ireland and its hard to come across used amps but thanks for the suggestion.