So I've read threads like this before where people ask if you can put guitar effects through a bass and people either say it doesn't matter or it cuts out the lower frequencies. I'm principally a bass player, I'm not playing live and if I did it would be on bass so this is just for my personal enjoyment; if I ran a bass effect through a guitar would it sound alright?
you mean as playing guitar using bass effects? yeah; It'll be fine.
You like it
Yes, it sounds great with the right pedals. My EHX Bassballs is an example of a pedal that works great for guitar and bass.
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My MXR Blowtorch sounds funky with my guitar

But i like it because im too cheap for a guitar distortion pedal xD
he means using guitar effects with bass!!
it works, apparently the boss chorus esemble is warmer than the bass chorus they make.
loads of effects, u should try them out..
no, i mean bass effects with a guitar. I already know the pros and cons of guitar effects on a bass. Thanks for those of you who answered.