I have this little Strat project that had to be sidetracked because my backup amp went down the other night.
I am looking to trade ONE of the two complete Squier Strat bodies and the Squier neck for a 1-12” combo amp. I can throw in a neckplate, four mounting screws and a tremelo arm. All you will need to complete the guitar is a set of tuners and string retainers for the neck. The neck has been vintage tinted and a replica 70’s Fender decal applied. I was aiming for the whole 70’s look with black plastic but never got around to it and now the amp thing is more pressing.

Email or pm with offers
Anything else you might have for trade? Strats aren't my thing.
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Is that Epi amp, tube or solid-state? What sort of speakers does it have? Any pics?
solid state, stock speakers, it has good cleans but not very good distortion

not my pic, but this is exactly what the amp looks like

a squier strat neck and body is worth about 5 dollars. I am not being a dick just saying. I've got a squier practice amp (SS) that i would just give you if you paid shipping