Hey guys I got amplitube 2 and a 1/4 jack to USB and connected straight to my PC, it get it to sound but when I hit anything theres a delay and sounds really muddy and distorted can anyone help me with this? I have MSN if you don't want to help me through here.


you need to set the buffer on your soundcard lower to deal with the latency, might help with the other problems too, but it might not, make sure you turn off any DSP that your soundcard has inbuilt.

It should also be noted that those USB guitar cables don't really provide very good soundquality so don't expect it to sound amazing.
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I know nothing of this really... I only get on UG to read and get GuitarPro music thats it. =/ Everything else and you might as well be talking to a deaf man.
Heres an idea...contact IK MULTIMEDIA..you purchased their software...which entitles you to free support.