from what i hear the digitech death metal pedal sucks but are the boss metal core and metal zone good. and what are the differences between them.
metalcore would probably be the best out of the three. It's more modern, tight, and slightly less fizzy than the metal zone, but I think you can do better.
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Everyone's got likes and dislikes - I like the Metal Zone, but legions of people say it's gods awful.

Best advice I can give you is to try them both and see what you prefer. Make sure it's through your own amp with your guitar, though.
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I agree with above..i used a metal zone and it was O.K. .. but once you get an amp that can create a good tone and distortion.. you wont need the pedal

I hear about the EHX Metal Muff everywhere.... I needa try that out some time.
If you're looking at Boss, look at the MD-2, it can do metal pretty well, and is a lot better than the MetalCore or MetalZone.
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I've heard about these mods. Like the Keeley mod on the MT-2 I think. There are other mods. Can somebody mod this in a store for you or is it DIY?
Just go for the metal muff. I hear man good things about them. Also look at visual sound
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I personally have never looked back since buying my Metalzone. Did take me a while to find a solid setting but I'm happy with it and actually prefer it over a friend's Boss GT-6 distortion setting but i have also heard very good things about the Metal Muff and I'm thinking of giving one a try out.
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Boss pedals are **** in general. Some of their weirder (and for the msot part now discontinued) pedals were great, but all in all, Boss is a terrible brand.
For metal, use the Metal Muff with top boost. It's like death, but in a box.
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I've heard about these mods. Like the Keeley mod on the MT-2 I think. There are other mods. Can somebody mod this in a store for you or is it DIY?

Carcass used a Keeley modded MT2 at some point and they got it sounding pretty good. I tried one out oe time on a 7 string and I found it actually sounded not too bad but unless you are tuning down low (which IMHO it sounds good for) an amp with it's own distortion is your best bet.
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they're all abysmal, your best bet for a budget 'metal' distortion pedal would be the EHX metal muff.

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