So, I'm going to be enjoying a nice sum of money soon (about $500) and I want to get a v-shaped guitar cause they look freakin awesome! (yes I know, one should never chose a guitar by looks but whats more metal than a V?). I play alot of different styles but mostly metal and hard rock (think AC/DC, System of a down, Metallica, Megadeth, etc...). My current rigg is a raven rg200 and a boss me-6, if that matters at all. Whats a good v guitar to get?
get some more money and buy yourself an Jackson RR or maybe an ESP Alexi
Jackson RR!
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Alexi-600 or Jackson RR24. Or maybe an Esp V-500. I own the Dave Mustaine LTD knock off and it owns! ESP or Jackson for V's!
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Any Jackson, Jackson RR FTW!!!
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You can find a used Gibson for around $500.
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